About Us


Adela’s Hawaiian Noodles celebrates the art of noodle making. We use the finest, Hawaii-grown produce to create fresh noodles in six varieties:

`Ulu / Breadfruit, Kalamungai / Moringa, Kalo / Taro, `Apala / Avocado, Ube / Okinawan Sweet Potato, Hawaiian Saimin

Plant Based & Sustainable!

At Adela’s Hawaiian Noodles we’re passionate about working with Hawaii’s local farmers and growers. This enables us to create fresh, seasonal dishes for our customers, while also providing real support to our farming communities.

We also hope to help reduce our dependence on food imports one noodle at a time. Hawaii imports more than 80% of its food. By supplementing traditional flour with produce that is grown in Hawaii, we hope to inspire more creative uses of the staple plants that Hawaii produces and reduce our dependence on products that must be shipped in. The more locally-grown produce we eat, the higher the demand is for local farm products.

Purchasing locally-grown produce also has a tremendous impact on the environment. Fewer imports leads to a reduction in carbon emissions and other negative environmental impacts from trans-Pacific shipping.